Your Life is a Product of Your Standards

“You life is a product of your standards. If you’re willing to tolerate low level living, that’s exactly what you’ll get.” Benjamin P. Hardy

You are entirely responsible for the current state of your life.

Are you overweight? Addicted? Empty? Afraid? Remorseful?


Then it is from your doing.

It is time to stop blaming others. You need to become the CEO of your life, even if your life is a failing company that’s sinking fast.

No more excuses. No more shifting responsibility on external factors: your boss, your partner, your genetics, your job, your car, your friends, society, or the world.

None of that controls you. Your mind is entirely separate from all of that; you — and only you — can control the outcome and state of your life.

If you continue to put up with low standards of living, your life will reflect that.

But if you insist — demand — high standards of your life?

Your life will reflect that instead.

Internal Locus of Control

The winners in life think constantly in terms of ‘I can’, ‘I will’, and ‘I am’. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have or would have done, or what they can’t do. — Dennis Waitley

Many people have what psychologists would term an “external locus of control.” Simply put, this is when you believe the factors outside your own control primarily affects what happens to you.

When your locus of control is internal, you spend most of your time worrying and stressing about the things “out there” that could hurt you. Your job and the economy, the competition, how unfair the world can be, how hard your life is, etc.

Many individuals who have this mindset often find themselves feeling like a victim. “Of course this would happen to me,” they groan.

On the contrary, individuals with an internal locus of control firmly believe their lives are entirely up to them.

As Benjamin P. Hardy puts it, these individuals are the only ones in control. You cannot control the world, but you can control your reactions. Your life is what you make it, and nothing can ever stop you.

Most of the successful people in the world have an internal locus of control. These individuals share the belief that they are unstoppable; if faced with obstacles, adversity, trials, or problems, they believe they have the power to overcome.

Dr. Eric McKibben has discussed how people with an internal locus of control tend to have better health, lead happier lives, and experience larger financial mastery.

These trials aren’t another punch to the gut in a perpetual boxing match against the world — they are tools, lessons to be learned. Raw material waiting to be transformed into fuel to propel you towards success.

“Bad things are fuel. You don’t just want fuel — you need it. You can go anywhere without it.” Ryan Holiday

Set Higher Standards

What are some areas in your life where you have continued to accept low standards?

Is it your health?

  • Do you constantly consume junk food, refined sugar, excessive alcohol and caffeine, and other foods that limit your body and mind?
  • Are you OK with eating this food as your primary fuel?

Or what about your relationships?

  • Are you satisfied with your surface-level friendships?
  • Are you alright with the level of your superficial work relationships?
  • Do you let people mistreat you?
  • Do you let people in?
  • Do you even know your partner, mother, brother, sister, or friend?
  • Would they be surprised to find out who you really were?

What about your relationships with yourself?

How is the state of the 4 areas of self-care: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual?

  • Do you spend any time exercising or working out?
  • Do you ever sweat?
  • Do you challenge your body and release the stress and tension from the day by attempting to overcome previous physical milestones?

What is your emotional life like?

  • Are there recurring problems — addiction, resentment, fear, anger, sadness, anxiety — that you continue to shove down?
  • Do you feel you owe it to yourself to live a whole and happy life, free from unresolved and toxic emotional baggage?

What about your mental life?

  • Do you invest in yourself and sharpening your mind through personal education, curriculums, books, podcasts, documentaries, or articles?
  • Do you prioritize learning? Do you even care?
  • Do you want to be sharper, smarter, and more productive than you were before?

What about spiritual?

  • Do you spend any time with your Higher Power?
  • Do you set aside time in your day to acknowledge how much God has given you?
  • Are you grateful? Do you remind yourself how lucky you are?

The Fuel in Your Car

If you want to perform at the highest level, in any area — your job, parenting, sports, sex, relationships, finances, passion, creativity, etc. — you need premium fuel.

Most of us aren’t using premium fuel. In fact, most of society fills their “car” up with substances that only erode, disintegrate, and clog our bodies.

What fuel are you using?

If your satisfied with low standards — bingeing on TV, numbing out through porn and masturbation, disconnectedness with your friends and family — your life will reflect that. You’ll likely feel empty, sad, bored, and unmotivated.

But if you demand high standards — if you refuse to live a life with the low standards that can be found in the large majority of individuals who will never truly be successful

You will step more and larger steps towards the inevitable, lasting, true success found in such a life.

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