When To Trust Medium’s Algorithm — and When Not To

I’ve been writing on Medium for over 3 years. I’ve seen my audience grow from around 50 views a day to this:

3 Metrics to Confirm Whether Your Work is Good…or Stale

There are a few key metrics to know whether your work is truly good, or needs changing.

  • It’s about a topic that’s oversaturated and crowded
  • It’s not authentic enough
  • It’s not backed by enough research
  • You’re breaking some rules
  • Your Medium followers are old and don’t use Medium anymore
  • …Medium just doesn’t like you

When To Trust the Algorithm and Start Tweaking Your Work

When I first started writing on Medium, I got very low views and engagement. (If you want to see mediocre writing, go back to my work in March and April of 2017). I was new, and didn’t know what I was doing.

“There are no new fundamentals. You’ve got to be a little suspicious of someone who says, ‘I’ve got a new fundamental.’ That’s like someone inviting you to tour a factory where they are manufacturing antiques.”

There are no “new” fundamentals. Any writer claiming to have new, secret formulas is either lying or trying to sell you something.

In Conclusion

I have over 45,000 Medium followers, yet some of my work has less than 500 views. As one of my writer friends commented, the worst algorithm in the world wouldn’t do that.

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