The point of writing all the time is to become better at your craft. Successful writers produce a substantial body of work over their career, and we need to close the gap between where we are the successful writers we can become by writing a TON of content. Perhaps not all to be published, but if the opposite action — writing fewer, higher quality posts — was distorted into simply chasing perfection (which it often is), then writing a ton of crappy posts in deliberate efforts to become a better writer is a far more wise tactic.

You may receive flak or diminished views over time for this strategy (since it is impossible to maintain excellent quality every day) and readers want better quality posts even at the price of fewer articles. But the reward for a deliberate effort to become a better writer is worth it. Prolific writers have slumps and periods of time where, even after they’ve achieved a certain level of mastery, they still produce crap during periods of their growth. Write a ton anyway. Close the gap more and more between where you are and greatness. Write every day, even if it’s crap. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where it won’t be crap, and then perhaps you can switch to fewer, higher-quality posts.

But you must write all the damned time. Even if it sucks. And it probably will. But that’s the point, which can only be remedied by deliberate practice through writing all the time.

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