The Feelings That (Actually) Accompany a Life of Success

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Sit With the Pain

“Everything worthwhile in life is won through surmounting the associated negative experience.” -Mark Manson

The greatest growth occurs when the greatest adversity is overcome. The greater the pain, the greater the extent of the growth.

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A Prophet Without Honor

An interesting phenomenon happens when several crabs are caught in a trap together.

Don’t Be Fooled By the Appearance of Success

“Don’t be fooled though; success often looks amazingly simple from the outside. It’s only when you get under the covers and work out what strategies and tools you need to duplicate the same results, that you realize how damn hard it is.” -Tim Denning

In Conclusion

The feelings that accompany a successful life aren’t always nice and positive. Often, a successful life is characterized by boredom, loneliness, imposter syndrome, perpetual failure, and looking stupid.

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