The 10 Qualities of a True Professional

In a world of amateurs, only professionals have these 10 qualities.

1. We Show Up Every Day

We’re not weekend warriors.

2. We Show Up No Matter What

Rain or shine, summer or winter.

3. We Stay On the Job All Day

We don’t cut out to watch fail videos.

4. We Are Committed to the Long Haul

It’s probably going to take several more years.

5. The Stakes For Us Are High and Real

If I don’t produce, my family doesn’t eat.

6. We Accept Money For Our Service

This ain’t for charity. We don’t play for fun.

7. We Do Not Overidentify With Our Jobs

I am a writer.

8. We Master the Techniques of Our Job

We crave brutal feedback and constructive criticism. This information is vital — it tells us how to get better.

9. We Have a Sense of Humor About Our Jobs

It’s real. It’s gritty. It’s also funny, and we can talk about it because we’re secure and know we’re the real deal.

10. We Receive Praise or Blame in the Real World

Our actions have enormous consequences.

In Conclusion

Professionals are rare. They’re hard to find in the sea of amateurs and fakers.

Writer for CNBC, Business Insider, Fast Company, Thought Catalog, Yahoo! Finance, and you. Come say hey.

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