Thank you so much for this amazing piece. I feel sick thinking of the disgusting hurt that’s been inflicted upon you. I empathize and am sincerely angry for you at these unacceptable behaviors towards you.

I would love to be potentially corrected on a few key paradigms I have about weight and how it relates to personal discipline that I am perhaps entirely wrong about. My wife and I were speaking at length about one of your recent articles just this morning, and I realized perhaps I was wrong in many of these. I’ll just list them below in no particular order.

  • An individual who is overweight (up to an extent) can lose that weight over time with a lifestyle change in food consumption, exercise regimens, and mental discipline (although I believe there is a demographic of individuals that, due to things like genetics and biology, simply cannot achieve this weight loss on their own).
  • To an extent, being “overweight” and losing weight is in the control of the individual.
  • (Almost) anyone can lose weight through proper diet, exercise, and discipline.

These are the paradigms under which I have operated for years. However, I bring them up now because if they are wrong, then that means I have been part of a movement that fundamentally misses the point for many people, and have indirectly promoted the hurt, abuse, and bullying towards individuals with higher-than-average weight, which I would correct immediately.

Thank you for helping me with this.


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