Thank you so much for the thoughtful response, Lacey. I really appreciate the feedback.

My favorite insight was when you said, “I think it is important to remember that many of these “mediocre” people are mediocre by the standards we, “successful” people, set for ourselves, but are exceptional by the standards they have set for themselves.”

I think about this often. Of course, my definition of success isn’t the bar that everyone else must strive for — no one can define that. Actually, I think one of the most important tenets of “achieving success” is defining what success means yourself, and not by the metrics or standards of others.

However, there are specific outcomes and behaviors that I correlate with either “success” or lack of it, in general. Perhaps this is maintaining poor personal finance behaviors, or destructive relationships, or willful selfishness. Anyone practicing these that choose to (instead of working on improving) is a red flag for me. But there are many individuals who work hard and lead great, successful lives, even if they’re quiet and modest.

Thanks for the insight!

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