I Was Consistent For 60 Days, and I Became More Successful Than My Friends.

Years ago, I started a podcast about my love for craft beer. I called it Moore About Beer.

I had no fucking idea how to make a podcast.

But there I was, a naive little amateur, who just wanted to talk about beer.

I recorded my first episode on a lunch break from work. I was working from home that day. At 12:00pm, I clocked out of my computer, ran into my sweltering bedroom, closed the windows to minimize noise (making the room even hotter), and recorded my first episode. My shirt was drenched in less than 15 minutes.

But I finished the episode. Then I logged back into work.

I did this each Friday for two months.

I jerry-rigged a website together. I fumbled through hosting software so I could put my episodes on iTunes. I watched YouTube videos on how to edit videos on my laptop.

I told no one. Who would I tell? My mom? No one liked craft beer like I did. I had no one to talk to. I just recorded, published, and went about my day, for months.

One day, I got an email from a lady saying she was hosting a local craft beer fair, and wanted to sponsor my podcast. She found an episode of mine, and liked it. We ended up printing two dozen posters with fun beer facts, to be displayed all over the fair.

I quit recording. My wife and I moved overseas, I didn’t have time. The fair lady was sad, she told me she had more fairs coming up. I told her sorry, I was busy teaching English to South Korean kids.

Imagine if I’d kept going. Who knows how big my podcast would’ve been? I was consistent for like, three months. Imagine if I’d done it for a year?

I don’t regret it, I had done what I wanted to do. I still enjoy craft beer.

Every time I think about my old podcast, I remember something else — my friends were in the process of starting their own podcast.

It’s been four years since then, and they still haven’t recorded a single episode. They still talk about it — about more jokes they could say, about new episode ideas.

But they weren’t consistent. They never even started.

If you can be consistent, you might get an email from a lady saying she wants to make posters of your podcast.

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