How You Can Produce 8x More Results Than Before

Many of us work in office jobs. Amazing, inspiring, fantastical worlds where innovation is seeping through the floors at every turn! Where every meeting, email, and PDF are met with cries of joy, tears of laughter, and deep meaning.

Wait. That’s not right.

Sorry, lost my head there for a moment. Usually, office jobs are boring and uneventful. In most cases, your daily workload (for which you have 8hrs) might only take you 1–2 hours to complete all of it. The other 6–7hrs are spent doing…what, exactly? I can only imagine. Busywork. Work for work’s sake. “Looking busy.” Some people can’t stand the boredom and brazenly do all their online shopping and social media sharing.

In short: after spending 8hrs of your precious time, you’ve only completed perhaps 1–2hrs of work. Worse still, it’s not even directly benefiting you; it’s not like you’re reading a great book or learning new skills. It’s for the company.

So, after pretending to work for 6–7hrs a day (and spending your short 1–2hrs of actual work on projects that are just…awful), you may find yourself forgetting entire days. Weeks. What did I do last month? …I had a nice 4th of July party?

“Work” also takes far more than simply 8hrs a day — there’s preparing to leave the house/eating, sitting in traffic, parking, and then leaving work, sitting in more traffic, and unwinding after a long day…we’re coming up on at least 12 hours a day here.

So…how can you produce 8x more results than you did before?

Stop working at a job you hate. Or even at a job you tolerate.

Here’s what happens when you work at a job you love, when the work you do gives you passion, motivation, and life.

Every hour of the day is spent on a productive activity. If you’re not directly working on a project that is helping to make the world a better place (whatever company/organization you’re working with), you’re training yourself on how to be better. Maybe this is learning more knowledge; maybe this is training yourself on mastering a new tool/software/procedure. Maybe this is working on internal issues, like building patience, confidence, communication skills, or opening your mind to new possibilities.

It’s certainly not daydreaming about everything else you’d rather be doing at that moment instead of being where you are. Like most folks in office jobs might think. (This principle is true for any type of job; office jobs are just one of the most stereotypical ones).

You can begin practicing this principle now. Let’s even say you stay in your lousy job, but you want more results when you have free time — after work, and the weekend. Instead of “spending” time on time wasters (television. Social media. Pokemon GO!), instead “invest” your time in activities that directly benefit you: reading a book by a thought leader in a field you’re interested in. Listen to a podcast. Enroll in an online training. Further your education (certificates and courses are great, not just another college degree).

If you’re fine with spending 6–7hrs of your day for 5 days a week zoning out then kudos for reading this far, and have a nice day. I can’t help you.

But if you hate the fact that you waste at least 30 hours every week doing nothing at work, then you need to start investing what time you have, immediately.

Stop wasting time. Some of us are closer to our deathbed than we even realize — if we continue to live a life defined by “zoning out” and “getting through the day” instead of being focused on living a better and more productive life…

Sure. When you’re 65, it will definitely feel like “the time has flown by.” It has. And it’s never coming back.

But the rest of us, those that chose to invest our time…

We’ll have so many memories and life events, it will feel like we’ve lived 100 more lifetimes than the average person.

Writer for CNBC, Business Insider, Fast Company, Thought Catalog, Yahoo! Finance, and you. Come say hey.

Writer for CNBC, Business Insider, Fast Company, Thought Catalog, Yahoo! Finance, and you. Come say hey.