Hating Medium Writers is Keeping Me from Achieving Success

Not just Medium writers. I find myself unable to stand most online entrepreneurs and anyone telling me how to be successful, just like them.

I’ve finally identified why, down to an acute point. Here it is.

Deep down, I think these successful entrepreneurs are thinking one thing when their message grows, through likes/comments, subscribers, shares, downloads, when someone buys their book/online course/graphic, etc.:

Hah! I got another one. Suckers. What a bunch of idiots!”

I think I’ve developed this suspicious, wary mindset largely due to the overwhelming majority of fakers posing as experts and authorities on important subjects I care about. I think many of these would-be “thought leaders” might indeed revel in the fact that they “roped another dope” into buying what they’re selling, because in reality, they really don’t know what they’re talking about and despite their lack of knowledge, they’ve successfully fooled someone else to give them money. They’re just clever and have found out what to tell people in order to get them to buy, like a deceitful salesman selling snake oil.

Unfortunately, this has prevented me from learning from the real experts.

I have formed an opinion that most online “experts” are really not, and are trying to get me to buy their inadequate garbage, knowing it’s a bad product and gleefully laughing when they see another idiot giving them their money.

The idea of being one of those customers is so repulsive and disgusting to me, I’ve adopted the mindset that I would rather live in the same scenario I currently reside (sans important knowledge and experience I need to succeed) than give my money to these people.

And so, I prevent myself from succeeding.

Because if I truly want to succeed, I need information. I need (real) expertise, I need authentic and genuine directions from individuals who really know what it takes to get there.

I need to listen to podcasts, subscribe to more blogs, read more books, and actually trust what I’m reading.

Writer for CNBC, Business Insider, Fast Company, Thought Catalog, Yahoo! Finance, and you. Come say hey. anthonymoore.co

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