Emily, thank you for the incredible comment. I think you bring up a lot of great points.

I agree, there are individuals and scenarios I know very little about, like other ethnicities and women, and how their specific difficulties and obstacles might prevent them from practicing these deep work strategies.

Do you think there are individuals who might tell themselves “since I’m so busy I can’t have deep work time” who, in fact, could make that time if they only gave up other commitments? I’m not saying it’d be easy, it might be very difficult (especially as a single working mother, or someone who works 12-hour days, etc.). I think I’m trying to figure out, how can someone with such an incredibly busy schedule still make time to do deep work? Are you saying it’s simply not possible for someone like that? Because I’m more interested in finding a solution and way, no matter what. Do you think there is a way at all?

Thanks again for the insights.

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