Doug Morton thank you so much for the feedback. I see your point. However, although willpower is as strong of a force as you mentioned (and I believe it is as well), willpower as a primary strategy for achieving a goal is unsustainable.

You’re right — it is the proof of our desire. But what happens when the “gas in our tank” runs out? Willpower dissipates and wanes over time — it is the nature of energy and motivation.

On the other hand, commitment is like a coach who won’t let you give up. If willpower says “I am going to accomplish this goal!” then commitment says, “You’re going to accomplish this goal no matter what — whatever trials may come, however you may feel, you are held to a standard which you cannot break.”

I really appreciate the Spinoza and Churchill quotes, and I think we’re onto something here. Thank you again for your feedback.

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