A Logical Reason Why You Deserve More Money, Opportunities, and Time

I was speaking with a coaching client of mine, and we were discussing some strategies for salary and raise negotiations. It was new territory for her.

It makes me uncomfortable,” she admitted. “I’m not used to asking for those things. I’ve always waited for the company to give me an annual raise.

She’s not alone. Well over 50% of workers in most industries never ask for a raise, and even the ones that do usually get less than what they asked for.

If even the idea of negotiating a salary, asking for a raise, or more time off makes your palms a little clammy, here are some simple, logical reasons why you deserve more money, opportunities, and time.

You’re a Smartphone, They’re a Burner

If you’re reading this, you’re probably among the select few of us who are committed to developing ourselves and growing to achieve the success we want.

This means your mind is occupied with what really matters: family. Personal growth. Integrity. Honesty. Becoming the best version of yourself. Don’t be fooled, these habits are uncommon and rare.

If you practice these habits at work, you’re already more qualified and deserving of benefits like money, opportunities, and time not entitled to others.

You’re a smartphone. They’re a burner.

A smartphone is a critical tool, used by millions of people to accomplish their most important tasks. Smartphones do everything. Whatever you need, you can count on your phone as a tool to help accomplish that.

If you’re a Breaking Bad fan like me, you know what a “burner” phone is — one of those prepaid, cheap flip phones that are discarded shortly after using them. They aren’t reliable, and they aren’t used for anything other than one or two specific purposes. They simply don’t have the capacity to offer what a smartphone does.

Actually leveraging this fact is another matter (my favorite strategy is Ramit Sethi’s), but the truth remains: you offer more. Monumentally more.

You’re more qualified, hardworking, and reliable. A person who seeks excellence in whatever they do is incalculably more valuable than the workers who clock in, scrape by, and clock out.

You’re worth more because of what you offer. Your pay should reflect that.

You’re Unreasonable & Stubborn — In a Good Way

The mediocre have a very narrow perception of reality, and in turn, their lives. They see things as they are and not how they can be. Their reality is set in stone and they can’t do anything about it. Or can they?” -Aditya Mehta

Reality is a linguistic construct. The larger your capacity to perceive what others simply shrug off as “impossible,” the larger your reality literally becomes.

This same principle applies to results, and your results will be astounding.

Common, narrow-minded thinkers love to keep the status-quo, because that’s all the understand. Every breakthrough was just another “crazy idea” the moment before.

People who fully realize their reality is only limited by the vocabulary of the mind authoring it know how astounding, monumental breakthroughs can happen. These developments almost always happen through what the social norm might label foolish, unreasonable, or my favorite, unrealistic.

A month before the iPhone release, Steve Jobs was told the deadline to produce the glass screens for the phones was impossible. They needed to delay the release.

But Jobs wasn’t part of the average social norm. He simply called his glass distributor and he wanted the product completed on time, perfectly.

His engineers called this request unrealistic. Foolish. Impossible.

Guess if they met the deadline?

They did. And the type of mindset that inspires those types of results is priceless to companies.

You’re not Steve Jobs, but you do have an uncommon knack for seeing what others don’t (or can’t) and delivering results most of your peers simply label as un-doable.

People like that simply deserve more for what they offer.

Change your attitude. You’re worth more than you’re receiving, no two ways about it.

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