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A Bad Attitude Guarantees You’ll Never Achieve Massive Success

Your success depends heavily on who you associate with.

Surround Yourself With People Who Force You to Level Up

“The mediocre have a very narrow perception of reality, and in turn, their lives. They see things as they are and not how they can be.” -Aditya Mehta

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The Mediocre Majority Would Rather You Didn’t Succeed

“You’ll never reach a point in your life when people will stop telling you ‘no,’ and stop telling you about the failure you’re going to crash into headlong. It doesn’t matter. Fuck them.”

You Are a Reflection of Who You Spend Time With

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Surround Yourself With People Who Hold You to Higher Standards Than Your Own

“What you habitually think largely determines who you will become.”

In Conclusion

Ready to Level-Up?

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