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The other day, a popular website sent me a message, asking if they could republish my content. Sure, I said. No problem.

Over the next few days, I saw a huge increase in my views, subscribers, and income. Over 500 new people signed up for my email list that afternoon. Many of these new readers bought several of my products immediately, earning me hundreds of dollars while I sat on the couch and watched TV.

This kind of stuff happens a lot. And I’m not saying this to brag — hell, I spent years sending desperate article pitches to every…

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You’ve been looking at success the wrong way

After years of studying motivation, goal-setting, and building momentum, I’ve discovered that if you want to achieve your goals 10x faster, you need to stop following routines.

I know what you’re thinking. Let me explain.

Routines don’t work for most people. If you have young kids, pets, travel a lot, work remotely, if you have a disability…it’s extremely difficult to follow the same routine every day. If you keep trying, you’re just going to get frustrated and quit.

Before my wife and I adopted our little puppy Penny, we had a pretty steady schedule. …

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The art of charisma — of attracting, charming, and influencing the people around you — is not pretending to be something you’re not, but fully expressing who you really are.

A moment’s vulnerability and authenticity are more powerful than an hour of flattery and false charm.

A few years ago, I went to a wedding where I heard one of the most captivating toasts I’ve ever heard. At first, I was stunned at how moving and charismatic the speaker was. He was impeccable, making us laugh, tear up, and nod in agreement. …

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“If you want to have world-class success, you need to make world-class choices.” -Darren Hardy

Most people don’t realize they’re only a few key behaviors away from starting to live a truly world-class life.

You don’t need to adopt dozens of new, difficult behaviors of “successful people” — you just need a few. And if you make just a few key behavioral changes, you’ll build momentum and confidence that you can reinvest in yourself to master new and better behaviors.

Success doesn’t happen all at once — it’s a slow, gradual process that rewards those who can consistently follow the…

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I know what you’re thinking — just know this:

As I wrote that headline, an old joke came to mind:

A guy walks into his office wearing a full-on Spiderman costume.

“Hey Dave, what’s with the costume?” his coworker asks.

“You know what they say,” Dave responds: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.”

Walking around as if you make 6-figures a year when you really make $10/hour won’t magically make you rich. (It’ll probably make you look like a moron.)

This isn’t some feel-goody-fluff article about being positive. …

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After reading countless of those “How I Quit My Job and Traveled the World” articles…I realized something:

Most of them simply aren’t helpful.

Back when I worked 9–5 as a telemarketer, I wolfed those articles down. That was my ultimate dream — traveling the world just like those bloggers. I had a porcelain globe at my desk, and every day I’d pick it up between sales calls and imagine what life would be like as my own boss.

But…those articles never helped. They were usually clickbait, written by an affluent young person trying to sell me something. …

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In a recent interview, Neil Gaiman (#1 New York Times best-selling author) explained that when it comes to his writing, he only gives himself 2 options:

You can sit here and write, or you can sit here and do nothing. But you can’t sit here and do anything else.

Gaiman said he’s “easily distractible” — aren’t we all. But while most people procrastinate and fidget with their phones or computers, Gaiman doesn’t allow himself to do anything but 2 options — write or do absolutely nothing. Because eventually, you get bored of doing nothing. …

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If it’s really that important, schedule it.

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” -Warren Buffet

You probably need to say “no” a lot more.

Every time you say yes to something, it means you’re saying “no” to a dozen other opportunities. The world’s most successful and extraordinary people say no to almost everything, waiting to say yes to only the very best opportunities.

These few things will determine their career, legacy, and livelihood.

Warren Buffet, investor extraordinaire and a net worth of over $70 billion dollars, has said that for every hundred opportunities he…

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How you walk into a room says a lot about you.

When my wife and I were in the market for a puppy, we were binge-watching The Dog Whisperer. And we learned that how you walk into a room says a lot about you — for dogs and people.

Most people probably think their thoughts and emotions aren’t that obvious, but in reality, other people can usually tell what you’re feeling.

I used to think I was cool and mysterious, especially at work. But then coworkers started coming up to me after meetings. “Wow, you really didn’t like that guy, huh?” they’d joke with me. “What? What are you talking about!”…

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1. Spend More Time Learning & Creating Than Watching TV

1. Spend More Time Learning & Creating Than Watching TV

How much money you earn is generally determined by how much you’ve learned. As Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams once said, “Every skill you acquire doubles your odds of success.” The more you learn, the more you generally earn.

I like watching TV. My wife and I love watching shows together. TV isn’t bad.

The problem is, most people spend more time watching TV and distracting themselves than they spend on learning, creating, and growing. The result is generally less income and less opportunity.

In the 1970’s, the famed black politician Jesse Jackson was famous for his constant encouragement towards African…

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