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There are no secrets.

There are no secrets. It’s just about working hard and learning more than anyone.

Surprisingly, you’ll actually find yourself very happy when you’re doing the work. It’s not about not-working and sipping margaritas on the beach all day, it’s about doing excellent work and loving the process.

If you keep comparing yourself to other people, you’re going to hate yourself and nothing will seem good enough. So stay off social media and don’t ask anyone else about how well they’re doing. Just work your ass off.

One more time: just work your ass off.

You’re going to meet some assholes. That’s fine. Just keep working your ass off. …

“People are unhappy in large part because they are confused about what is valuable.” — William Irvine

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I’m making more money than ever before.

This year is the first time I’m ever going to break six-figures. A few months ago was the first time I ever made $10,000 in a single month in my business. Are you kidding me?

But I’m also learning that I need to be very, very careful with money.

Ever since 2007, I’ve been studying money. In 2006, my dad made over a million dollars through his construction business. But in 2007, the recession hit our family hard — we went broke, bankrupt, and lost everything almost overnight. …

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What got you here won’t get you there

“What you hear in the forest but cannot see might be a tiger…but it might not be, either…perhaps you’ll see that it’s just a squirrel. Something is out there in the woods. You know that with certainty…but if you refuse to look, however, then it’s a dragon, and you’re no knight. You’re a mouse confronting a lion; a rabbit paralyzed by the gaze of a wolf.”

“Even what is terrible in actuality often pales in significance compared to what is terrible in imagination.”

-Dr. Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules For Life

Evolving into a new person is more important than the obstacles you overcome in the process. …

Not being you will destroy you.

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“In order to be liked, though, you might have to trade in your true, venerable self for a short term-focused obsession with pleasing the masses.” — Seth Godin

Most people are more concerned with being popular than being their true selves.

It’s understandable. As Caterina Fake, founder of Flickr, put it: “What is more thrilling than an entire hall of expectant eyes, what more overwhelming that applause surging up to us? …Attention by other people is the most irresistible of drugs.” …

The three pillars of world-class productivity

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Don’t work longer, work less. You’ll accomplish way more and make way more money.

You’ll never get ahead if you keep following conventional wisdom. A hundred years ago, the way to get ahead was to work longer hours, typically in a factory. Hopefully, your boss would notice and promote you to manager. The best workers were the ones that worked the longest.

But the world’s value system has changed dramatically since then. Now, working longer means nothing if you can’t produce great results.

It’s different now. The best skills in the 21st century aren’t about working hard or being a good employee, they’re about being indispensable. And the best ways to become indispensable? …

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You don’t have to end up like everyone else.

Growing up, you were told there were a lot of things you couldn’t do.

If you were a woman, you couldn’t become president. If you were a man, you couldn’t cry. If you were an artist, you couldn’t expect to make any money. That’s just how it is, you were told. There are rules you have to follow.

Maybe you did follow the rules. Maybe you tried your best to be what everyone wanted you to be.

That’s what I did. I tried my hardest to make people like me, to be what everyone wanted me to be. I never said no to anyone, ever. Doing so meant not being a “good guy.” …

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Years ago, I started a podcast about my love for craft beer. I called it Moore About Beer.

I had no fucking idea how to make a podcast.

But there I was, a naive little amateur, who just wanted to talk about beer.

I recorded my first episode on a lunch break from work. I was working from home that day. At 12:00pm, I clocked out of my computer, ran into my sweltering bedroom, closed the windows to minimize noise (making the room even hotter), and recorded my first episode. My shirt was drenched in less than 15 minutes.

But I finished the episode. Then I logged back into work. …

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A professional recognizes another.

“A professional is someone who can still do his best work when he doesn’t feel like it.” -Alistair Cook

As the old saying goes, “game respects game.”

The pros know their own people when they see them.

That was always the goal for my writing: to be recognized by other world-class writers and accepted into their club, to be recognized as one of their own.

I’ve been able to do this (to some degree), and it feels like things are finally clicking after years of trying. …

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Want Thicker Skin? Read This Immediately.

“The more bold you are, the more rejection you’ll experience.” -Todd Henry

You’ll know you’re making progress when the critics come out.

Critics confirm greatness.

This is a lesson that took me years to figure out. For over 4 years, I blogged with nothing to show for it. A huge reason was because I was terrified of criticism, so I constantly edited myself to make sure that “no one could get offended” by what I wrote.

The result? No one got offended or left mean comments.

…But this was mostly because my writing was so lifeless and boring, no one ever read it. …

98% is harder than 100%

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Consistency is the most fundamental virtue of success.

If you can be consistent, you can create pretty much anything, because consistency turns an “if” into “when.” Once you know you’ll do something every day, it’s only a matter of time before you finish. Writing a novel, starting a business, losing 50 pounds, building a log cabin…if you can be consistent, they’re gonna happen.

If you can learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind, you can become more consistent than ever.

It starts with your habits. Organizing your habits is like organizing your desk — less clutter, more productivity. As my friend David Kadavy once wrote, “Once you make a habit, you don’t have to waste mental energy deciding what to do.” That’s why so many people get side-tracked and lose focus: They have too many things on their mind. Since they haven’t organized their habits, they’re constantly wasting energy mulling over choices that should’ve been automatic. …


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