5 Surprising Lessons From Entering the Top 1% in the World For a Video Game

It took me almost 20 years

1. Honestly, You Probably Don’t Want To Spend Your Life Playing Video Games

2. You Don’t Get In the Top 1% of Anything Without First Failing a Ton

“Champions aren’t made in the ring, they are merely recognized there.”

3. When People Are Mean To You, The Best Response Is to Pray For Them

4. There Is No Competition

“I don’t compete with anyone. Everyone competes with me.”

“Ignore what other people are doing. Ignore what’s going on around you. There is no competition. There is no objective benchmark to hit. There is simply the best you can do — that’s all that matters.”

5. It’s Not “How Long” It Takes, It’s “How Many Times” You Practiced.

“There is nothing magical about time passing in regard to habit formation. It doesn’t matter if it’s been twenty-one days or three hundred days. What matters is the rate at which you perform the behavior. You could so something twice in thirty days, or two hundred times. It’s the frequency that makes the difference.”

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